Basics to safe driving in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is sheer pleasure. The Dubai government leaves no stone unturned to maintain the roads to its best condition throughout the year. None the less we often take things for granted, like driving. We sometimes assume that we have the skills to handle all situations, even those rarely experienced – like driving in the rough weather or high temperature.

One can minimize the risk of being in a crash by:

  • Anticipating what might happen by looking ahead and closely observing the movement of other traffic wherever you drive
  • Be extra cautious especially on freeway and take extra care when changing lanes, overtaking, going through intersections and driving at night
  • Always keep a safe distance to the car in front especially when driving on freeways. Overtake only when safe – never rush or lose patience.
  • If you are not used to long drives then it is advisable to take a 15-minute power nap whenever you feel drowsy or sleepy.
  • Reducing your speed accordingly when driving conditions become difficult or extreme through rain or dust.
  • Not driving after you have been drinking or have taken prescription drugs.
  • Not using a mobile phone while driving. If you have to receive the call you may stop your car and complete the call.

The crash risk for drivers differs according to age and experience.

Ageing drivers are at a greater risk of being killed or seriously injured in a crash due to increased frailty and other issues associated with driving, rather than risky driving behavior.

Fresh drivers are three times more likely to be involved in serious accidents than experienced drivers, and the risk is even higher in the first few months of getting your license.  This is partly because some young drivers do stupid things and take stupid risks, but the major reason is that they lack experience.

Make sure you get your car checked at regular intervals for a safe journey.

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