Air Conditioning

For fast and timely car AC repair, Dubai drivers can count on CarPro

I think most of us would rather our vehicles didn’t start than us have to drive them with the air conditioning not working.

The UAE is blessed with beautiful year-round sunshine, but especially in the summer months with high humidity and temperatures exceeding 50°C, our vehicles can become like the inside of a working oven when parked with the engine off for any length of time.

Why you need regular professional car air conditioning service

Just like most systems on our vehicles we need to maintain the air conditioning system.

Car Pro is an expert when it comes to car AC repair. Dubai car owners can come to our workshop, and have their vehicle serviced by experienced professionals.

We will use the latest tools and equipment to efficiently maintain your system or, when the worst happens, diagnose the fault and provide a solution to rectifying the issue. Maintaining the AC system is much like maintaining the engine. It has oil that requires changing regularly as well as the moisture filter/drier that protects the system.

The system is based on the changing of the states of refrigerant gas/liquid inside and this gas/liquid will need regular top-ups to maintain full efficiency, as it will leak out slightly, even when there is no fault or repairable leak due to the construction of the materials within the system. Through car AC repair, Dubai based CarPro can ensure that there are no leaks within your system, and everything is in perfect working order.

Car air conditioning service that goes beyond mere AC repair and servicing

When it comes to your car AC, there is also our health to consider. The AC system can be a perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow.

As part of our service, CarPro can check your AC cabin filter (where applicable) and make sure the air you are being cooled by is clean and fresh and not harming you or your passengers.

We can carry out quick and effective anti-bacterial cleaning of the AC system that not only makes sure the bacteria is controlled but also refreshes the smell of the interior of the car in the process.

Service your car in Dubai, even when you are not around

When an AC system is left inactive it can cause many problems when it is eventually switched back on. See our Vehicle Storage Service in Dubai for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on

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