Need a replacement for your car battery? Dubai based CarPro can assist you!

For those of us that have been driving for a while, we have most likely all of us experienced a dead battery and therefore an engine that won’t start.

Vehicle batteries will not last forever and we do not expect them to. The climate here in Dubai can be hard on batteries, and for those of us who are only doing short trips in our vehicles every day or leaving the vehicles parked for long periods such as business trips and vacations, we are adding yet more strain on them. This can lead to premature battery replacement. But this should not be the case.

Extend your battery’s lifestpan with a professional car battery service

The key to extending a battery’s lifespan is to choose and install the correct one for your vehicle. Whether that is a genuine one from the manufacturer of the vehicle or whether it is an approved non-genuine (OEM) one, the CarPro team will be able to assist you on this.

We can help you by providing an intuitive battery-maintenance guideline whilst the vehicle is not being used (during a vacation or business trip) to prevent its deterioration. See our Vehicle Storage Service for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on

Expert battery replacement and servicing, based on extensive diagnostics

Once we are happy we have the correct battery fitted in your vehicle, CarPro’s team can carry out full diagnostics of the electrical system and make sure that the engine is charging the battery properly and that when you turn your engine off and lock the vehicle that all the electronics are switching off as they should.

We have professional technicians and specialists to whom we can dedicate the maintenance, replacement, or servicing of your car battery. Dubai car owners can count on our expert in-house team to carry out all the repairs and servicing necessary, as part of our car battery service, but always with client permission prior to service delivery.

If you want to know more about our team and services in Dubai, feel free to contact us today, or visit our workshop in Al Quoz Industrial Area 4.

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