Exhaust & Cat Converters

Without an exhaust system we would all be deaf from the engine sound and severely ill from the exhaust fumes entering the cabin and nobody would be able to enjoy driving day to day.

Nowadays and for the last 30 years, exhaust systems have done more than an aid a comfortable driving experience.


Through our technological advances and a better understanding of the exhaust gasses, we now have exhaust systems that can reduce the harmful emissions from our engine into the atmosphere.

Catalytic converters are a massive part of this functionality of the exhaust system.


A faulty exhaust system can create problems for the engine leading to poor fuel economy and excessive engine wear through over fueling/under fueling of the cylinders.

Car Pro will inspect and diagnose any issues with your vehicle’s exhaust system as a whole or specifically your catalytic converter and ensure your vehicle is protected just as much as the environment.


Leaving an engine inoperative for long periods can adversely affect the exhaust systems on our vehicles.See our Vehicle Storage Service for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on info@carpro.ae.

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