Oil Change

Oil change: Dubai climate and how it affects regular engine wear & tear

An engine oil and filter change (or oil change service) is a basic requirement for any vehicle. An automobile engine has many moving parts. These moving parts interact and work with each other to propel the vehicle. One such part is the engine piston. The piston is a cylindrical metal fixture that moves up and down a cylinder to enable the process of internal combustion to power the vehicle.

Engine oil is needed to ensure that moving parts like the pistons interact smoothly with each other, preventing the introduction of excessive friction. Without regular oil changes, the moving parts would undergo too much friction, causing the engine to overheat.

How often should your car go though oil change?

A brand new vehicle can sometimes go up to 15,000 KM or 12 months between oil changes. However, due to our harsh climate, this cannot remain the case for too long.

After 40000 KM or approximately 3 years, the regular wear and tear, as well as exposure to the hot, dusty Dubai climate means that we recommend reducing the time between services in order to protect the engine.

This doesn’t have to be a set figure. Using data like fuel consumption as well as your personal driving style and use of the vehicle then combining this with the type of oil we can use, we can tailor a service schedule for your specific set of circumstances.

Providing a comprehensive oil change Dubai drivers and engines can truly benefit from

Beyond the basic coverage of engine servicing, there are also other components that require checking. The engine has many serviceable items with scheduled replacement intervals.

These parts will be checked and our customers will receive a comprehensive report on the condition of all the working parts to ensure a smooth and problem-free drive.

Leaving Dubai for a long time? We’ve got you covered

Engines and especially the oils are adversely affected by long periods of inactivity of a vehicle. Car Pro can help you manage that. See our Vehicle Storage Service for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on info@carpro.ae.

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