Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension of any vehicle are of paramount importance. This is heightened here in the UAE by the fact that we have lots of opportunities to go off-road and into the desert.

Whether or not we take advantage of the beautiful desert that we live in we cannot ignore the importance of the steering and suspension systems of our vehicles.


The basic principals of suspension and steering are actually rather complicated but what we can all easily understand is that a vehicle that we cannot steer or ride over the many bumps in our roads comfortably is a vehicle we cannot drive.

These systems contain many components that will need regular maintenance and replacement. These include oils, bushes, sensors, pumps and motors to name a few.


The team at Car Pro will help keep your input on the steering wheel as useful, comfortable and as safe as possible through our regular and rigorous checks of the steering and suspension systems on your vehicle.

Leaving a vehicle unused and unmoved for lengthy periods of time can adversely affect the suspension systems and steering systems that are fitted. See our Vehicle Storage Service for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on .

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