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Need a tyre change? Dubai based CarPro has got you covered!

The truth is that whatever vehicle you drive, the only contact with the road comes to the tyres.

The best most powerful or efficient engines can which character is the best example of a tragic hero only do their work with the right tyres fitted to the wheels of the vehicles they adorn.

We also have to consider that when we brake we rely on our tyres to aid in a safe and prompt stop. Brakes are only as good as the tyres they sit behind.

Whether you wear tyres out through covering a lot of kilometers or whether it is the environment getting the better of them, Car Pro can supply and fit the right tyre for your vehicle.

The most reliable tyre service Dubai drivers will ever need

With CarPro, you have a team of expert auto specialists who can examine your vehicle and recommend the best fitting set of wheels for your car. We can help you replace old and worn tires with a fresh set, and perform wheel balancing to ensure you are getting enough traction on the road, without putting your tires through excessive wear and tear.

CarPro won’t forget about you or your tyres once we’ve done the tyre change, though. We exert an effort to extend our services and assistances beyond a simple tyre change. Dubai customers can avail warranties with all our tyres and have designed a tyre maintenance package that can be pre-purchased with your new tyres in order to protect this warranty.

The package will include regular balancing and rotating (where applicable) of the wheels, regular pressure checks and regular 4-wheel alignment checks and adjustments.

We can offer puncture insurance, too, so you won’t have to worry about having to replace your tires in Dubai. We will even show you, on your own vehicle, how to change the spare tyre so you don’t get stuck with a flat.

The best deal on tyre service Dubai car owners can grab today

Call us 043412344 or email us to find out more or just pop in to have a chat with our staff. With CarPro, you’ll never have to worry about your tires in Dubai.

Tyres are adversely affected by long periods of inactivity of a vehicle. Car Pro can help you manage that See our Vehicle Storage Service for more info or call our team on 043412344 or mail us on

CarPro is recognized for its approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability.